Wrap up Vertoeven LVI

Friday evening the 17th I released the split release together with Oscar, Rijnder and Wouter @ Stella by Starlight in Arnhem. We had a great evening. We were very well taken care of by Ruben and the rest at Stella. The food and beer were good, the crowd was attentive and nice. Wouter played a great cinematic set. No visuals needed. Oscar is becoming quite the powerhouse in wonky, fresh and Warplike techno. Rijnder and I had a lot of Heuschrecke fun, Lisa’s stories and poems about her journey to Ukraine were absolutely captivating. And the Scheerling set was great to do. I’m very grateful that everybody was there. Thanks for attending!

So that’s it. Vertoeven is out there. If you would like a copy (E7,50), feel free to leave a message, facebook me, or send an email to scheerlingband@gmail.com. Be quick, I only have 15 left. You can also listen to and download the album on bandcamp and souncloud.

Next post will be about my upcoming show at White Suit Projections. Also, Frank. Wheeler. and I are finalizing our plans on our collaboration.

I’ll put up pictures as soon as I have them, I’m not much of a photographer myself. I would love anybody that made pictures, to send them to me on above mentioned mail address.

/Scheerling out



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