Review Vital Weekly

Two weeks after the release of Vertoeven LVI reviews are slowly coming in. Because I’ve learnt that

  • you have to have one and only one subject per blog post
  • you have to celebrate every success individually
  • lists are an efficient way of drawing people into your post

I will post each review individually the coming weeks. Today the review by Vital Weekly’s Frans de Waard.

(cassette by Oggy Records)

On cassette we find the other half of Naagauk, Bert van Beek’s project Scheerling on a split
cassette with Thaumaturgist, of whom we also reviewed work before (Vital Weekly 1026), just  as we did with Scheerling (Vital Weekly 959). Again Scheerling is inspired by the poetry of Dennis Gaens, as translated by Van Beek’s mother in the dialect of Enter, a part of the East of The Netherlands.[Well, actually it was Lisa Weeda,ed.] This time around there is no mentioning of any instruments, but I could easily believe all of this uses a guitar and many effect pedals. The information mentions also ‘folk instruments and field recordings’ but all of this is effectively transformed into four pieces of dark and mysterious drone music. Perhaps not of the kind you haven’t heard before, but it is all very well made, with lots of emphasis on the guitar sound, or so it seems to me. Nothing seems to be on hold for an endless amount of time, but every so often, Scheerling changes colour and texture of his music, and makes all of this less static and livelier.

The music of Thaumaturgist is quite something else by contrast, but that’s something we
already from the previous release. By using old drum machines and small synthesizers, he
creates here two long compositions of loops, rhythms and sounds and in part one of ‘Mysteries Van De Droom’ this is worked in quite some krautrock like proportion, which turns out to be a damn refined piece. Long, spacious, but also rocking and psychedelic. An excellent piece. That can’t be said of the second part of the piece, which derails quickly and meanders about in chaos and hectic and unfortunately didn’t hold my attention for very long. That makes two/third of this tape great, which is not a bad score, I’d say.

Thank you, Frans!

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